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Mines in Colorado and nationally: truly, dangerous work venues

On Behalf of | Sep 14, 2016 | Workplace Injuries |

When readers think about the nation’s coal-mining industry and its rather problematic history of work-related accidents and injuries, they likely don’t think immediately about Colorado.

After all, the state is not as intimately associated with coal-mining activities as are a few other select states where mining has always been a major industry and mass employer for workers over decades, if not centuries.

Those states centrally include locales like West Virginia, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

In fact, a recent online overview of mining-related work accidents and injuries reveals that an inordinately high number of adverse safety outcomes occurring in the nation’s mines within the past year took place in mines from just those three states.

That fact doesn’t minimize safety-related concerns that exist and linger for workers in Colorado’s coal mines, though. Many of our readers undoubtedly know well that Colorado is a player in the mining industry. Indeed, the state houses the venerable and long-tenured Colorado School of Mines, located in Golden.

The central point emanating from the above-cited safety focus is that coal mines across the nation, including in Colorado, continue to be risky places to work. Reportedly, there were nine non-fatal mining accidents in Colorado from October of last year to the present. Nationally, the website reports that more than 1,100 such accidents occurred nationally over that period.

Although such accidents not being fatal is of course fortunate, the sheer number of adverse outcomes can hardly disguise that many dangers routinely lurk for coal miners, notwithstanding many safety improvements implemented in recent years.

Those risks result in many types of injuries affecting body parts ranging from shoulders and knees to backs, fingers and more.

The mining industry is no different from any other industry in that employees who suffer work-related accidents and injuries while toiling in the nation’s mines have legal protections under state and federal laws. They have a right to be able to reasonably rely upon those enactments while experiencing down time from work and when incurring medical costs for care.

An injured worker having questions or concerns regarding a work-related accident or injury can receive candid guidance and strong legal representation from an experienced workers’ compensation and workplace injury attorney.


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