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Spotlight on the worker’s compensation process in Colorado

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2016 | Workers' Compensation |

OK, for purposes of illustration, let’s use the proverbial “I slipped on a banana peel” imagery to drive home a very important point.

Although that might seem funny to watch, it is indeed humorous only in slapstick offerings, where audience laughter is solicited and no one is actually hurt.

In real life, an encounter with a banana peel — or ice on a sidewalk, spilled liquid on a floor, plugged-in electrical cords left unattended and any number of other hazards — can yield sharply adverse consequences.

For an injury victim who suffers injuries while on the job at his or her workplace, the downsides can include required — and repeated — trips to medical facilities for care and ongoing therapy, down time away from work and lost income.

As well as blowback from an employer and/or insurance company.

Regarding that banana peel, you need to promptly report any on-the-job injuries you incur from slipping on it to your employer, especially if you reasonably know or even suspect that they might be serious and that you will require medical treatment and miss work because of them.

Here’s why, as we note on our website at the workers’ advocacy Eley Law Firm in Denver: “Cases [that is, workers’ compensation claims] can be won or lost before a claim is even filed based on whether an injured worker notifies his or her employer about the injury.”

That report triggers the workers’ compensation process in Colorado. In addition to making a timely injury report to an employer, it is critically important for an injured worker to separately file a claim and to see a doctor without delay.

Workers’ compensation claims are centrally about close examination of injury claims, medical reports, witness accounts and other evidence. Multiple parties — including insurance adjusters, expert witnesses and judges — are involved, with a claim proceeding through a formal hearing and, if necessary, appeals, process.

Because the claims process can be complex and prolonged (with claims often being challenged), many claimants reasonably reach out to proven legal counsel for help.

A proven workers’ compensation attorney can help an injured worker navigate the claims process, make informed decisions and pursue a meaningful recovery that fully compensates for injuries that were suffered during the course of employment.


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