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January 2017 Archives

Will Trump deregulate workplace safety rules?

Donald Trump ran an unprecedented and unpredictable campaign, which is carrying into the early days of his administration. With campaign promises to ease the burden on businesses while decreasing regulations, it's fair to assume that OSHA will be affected by the incoming president.

Injured workers: OSHA investigates preventable burn incident

Industrial facilities nationwide, including in Colorado, are typically dangerous areas. Regardless of any employee's level of experience, continuous compliance with safety regulations is required. The slightest safety error in the presence of industrial machines and equipment can have severe consequences, and injured workers can be costly for any company, and detrimental to the financial stability of the victims.

Construction worker injured at work when he fell into trench

Whenever excavations take place on construction sites in Colorado or elsewhere, all workers are at risk. It is the responsibility of construction company owners to ensure all safety precautions are in place to prevent circumstances that can lead to workers being injured at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes strict safety regulations related to trench safety.

Injured workers: Harness can arrest fall but poses other risks

Colorado employers must provide fall protection to all workers that work higher than six feet above a lower level. However, while harnesses and securely hooked lanyards can arrest workers' falls, there are other dangers to contemplate. If employees slip and fall from significant heights, their fall protection will keep the injured workers suspended in the air. It is what happens to the body of the person dangling at the end of the lanyard that can lead to his or her death.

Permanent disability: Welding can cause Parkinson's disease

Workers in Colorado are likely aware of the fact that they can claim insurance benefits after suffering work-related injuries. However, not all employees know that workplace illnesses can cause permanent disability, which also entitles them to workers' compensation benefits. The medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology recently published the findings of a study about Parkinson's disease in welders.

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