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By The Numbers: Nursing Injuries In Colorado

Of the more than 45,000 nurses in Colorado, how many of them suffer work-related injuries every year? While a statistics-based answer would give an exact number, that number would not be helpful for two reasons:

  • Nurses are notorious for underreporting their own injuries, and for "toughing it out" so that they can continue to care for their patients.
  • No matter the number, the real answer is "too many." A profession that is designed to provide care to the sick and injured, and that is staffed by individuals who have made helping others their life's work, there should be far fewer injuries and danger to nurses than there currently are.

How much danger do Colorado nurses face at work?

We all have a friend or a family member who is a nurse, or at least knows a nurse, who has been hurt on the job. But why are these injuries so prevalent? According to a report by the American Nurses Association, the answer is that nurses are:

  • At one of the highest risks of suffering a musculoskeletal disorder (typically sprains and strains).
  • At risk of experiencing chronic back pain (52 percent of nurses report having this condition).
  • Twice as likely to suffer a lifting-related injury at work, compared to the average full-time worker in the United States.
  • Most likely to suffer a workplace injury due to overexertion (often while lifting) or slips/trips/falls. Combined, these causes are responsible for more than 70 percent of all injuries to nurses that occur in the workplace.

Hurt and ready to learn what benefit are available?

We pride ourselves on being a resource for nurses in the Denver area, and we want you to have as much information as possible after you've been hurt at work. Please check out our additional resources on this topic, and then contact us if you have any additional question or would like to get started on the road to workers' comp benefits.

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