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February 2017 Archives

Permanent disability: Excessive noise can cause hearing loss

Colorado workers in different industries are exposed to safety hazards every day. Some of these are not injuries that are immediately evident; rather, they develop over time. One such hazard is exposure to excessive noise, which can cause permanent disability after frequent exposure over a number of years. High noise levels in the workplace can profoundly affect a victim's quality of life as the ability to hear diminishes until most sounds become mumbled and subsequently disappear altogether.

Fatigue in workplaces can lead to injured workers

Fatigue is an often-ignored workplace hazard. It can take a toll on Colorado workers in several ways. Employers who fail to take fatigue seriously may end up with injured workers that can affect the company's bottom line. Fatigued workers typically struggle to plan when faced with complex tasks because their decision-making skills are compromised. Fatigue can have an impact on a worker's attention span, jeopardizing his or her ability to recognize safety hazards and react quickly.

Injured workers: Marijuana industry drafts safety rules

As in all other industries, employees in the marijuana industry deserve to be safe in their workplace environments. Although it has been legal to use marijuana for recreational purposes since 2012, safety regulations in this industry are only now receiving attention. Injured workers in the marijuana industry have the same rights to workers' compensation benefits as those with other injuries have.

Diesel mechanics face many risks of being Injured at work

Diesel mechanics in Colorado and other states face numerous injury hazards on a daily basis. Although it is the duty of their employers to provide safe workplace environments and address known safety hazards, the nature of the work is hazardous. Whenever a mechanic is injured at work, his or her financial stability may be threatened.

Search and rescue volunteers covered by workers' comp

We often hear about how workers' compensation covers employees in a workplace accident, but what happens when the person doing the work isn't paid? Volunteer emergency workers can find themselves in precarious situations and subject to as much harm as they person they are attempting to rescue. Is the volunteer worker covered if he or she is injured?

Proposed Colorado law could help injured workers with bills

When looking for a job, the insurance coverage an employer carries for workplace accidents may never come to mind. An employee may not know whether or not an employer has the proper coverage until the medical bills start to pile up. If an employer does not carry the otherwise lawfully required insurance for employees, where can an injured worker turn for help?

Violation of workers' rights might have caused 1 death, 1 injury

Employers in Colorado and other states are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. Workers' rights include the right to safe work environments, and business owners must assess workplace safety and address all potential hazards. Furthermore, employers must provide adequate safety training, and only qualified employees must work on specialized projects, such as working with electricity.

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