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Violation of workers’ rights might have caused 1 death, 1 injury

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

Employers in Colorado and other states are responsible for the health and safety of their employees. Workers’ rights include the right to safe work environments, and business owners must assess workplace safety and address all potential hazards. Furthermore, employers must provide adequate safety training, and only qualified employees must work on specialized projects, such as working with electricity.

To prevent accidental contact with electricity, project planners must ensure that existing concealed electrical lines and power boxes are identified and marked. Such precautions might have saved one life and prevented critical injuries to another worker on a construction site in another state. Fire department workers attended to a fatal electrical fire on a recent Saturday.

Reportedly, a 30-year-old employee and a co-worker were working at a construction site where the first man accidentally made contact with live electrical lines. This happened when he inadvertently drilled into a power box. An electrical fire erupted, but firefighters extinguished it promptly. They discovered the two workers with burn injuries and suffering from shock. The employee who drilled the hole succumbed to his injuries the following day, and the other worker remained in critical condition at that time.

When business owners in Colorado or elsewhere disregard workers’ rights, the consequences are often devastating. The families of both these workers are surely traumatized by what happened. The surviving family members of the deceased employee can file claims for workers’ compensation death benefits for assistance with end-of-life expenses, and the other worker can seek benefits to cover medical expenses. Both types of benefits will include a percentage of lost income in the form of a financial package to help with daily living expenses of the surviving victim or the family of the man who lost his life.

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