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Injured at work: What if boss decides to pay medical expenses?

On Behalf of | May 9, 2017 | Workers' Compensation |

Some Colorado business owners may try to avoid filing workers’ compensation claims for fear of having their insurance premiums increased. One of the ways this may be done is for the employer to pay for the medical expenses of an employee who was injured at work. While this practice may be illegal, it could lead to financial consequences never anticipated by the company owner.

One example is an on-duty worker who steps on a nail and has the small wound sterilized and dressed by a medical provider. The amount on the bill seems insignificant, and, instead of filing a workers’ compensation claim, the employer decides to pay from his own pocket. What the boss failed to realize was that the worker was a diabetic who then developed complications, and the minor puncture wound ultimately leads to a foot or leg amputation.

By this time, the medical expenses can be astronomical, and absent any medical record of the initial injury, the employer may be refused the opportunity to file an insurance claim. Justifying documents must accompany any workers’ compensation claim. Not only will this have a financial impact on the company owner but also the injured worker.

While Colorado workers are typically prohibited from filing lawsuits against their employers, some exceptions exist. If an employee who was injured at work was prevented from filing a workers’ compensation benefits claim, he or she would be wise to consult with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney. A lawyer can examine the circumstances and explain the options available to obtain the benefits to which the worker is entitled, as well as provide support and guidance throughout any legal proceedings that might follow.

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