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June 2017 Archives

Steps for construction workers to prevent being injured at work

Construction workers in Colorado and other states are likely aware of the fact that this occupation poses more life-threatening risks than most other jobs. For this reason, each worker must take precautionary steps to prevent being injured at work -- particularly when the business owners may disregard employee safety. The first step for self-protection in an environment in which falls, electric shocks and equipment collapses are the primary causes of death among workers, is to know the dangers.

Safety rules vital to avoid injured workers at wind farms

A former wind technician is involved at the Colorado's Ecotech Institute, which focuses on renewable energy fields and the careers they offer -- along with the safety hazards posed by each industry. He says the prevalence of injured workers among wind technicians can only be addressed by compliance with safety regulations. Furthermore, different safety equipment is used at various wind farms, and technicians should be trained and practiced to correctly use the equipment at each site.

Are you sure you're covered by Colorado workers' compensation?

It's true that most workers in Colorado are covered by the workers' compensation system. But that fact comes as no comfort to the significant number of injured workers who do not have worker's compensation insurance. They end up paying some or all of their medical costs from their own pockets.

After a work injury, be careful when using social media

Like other insurance companies, workers' compensation insurers are always on the lookout for claims fraud. Until recently, when they suspected fraud they had to rely on private investigators who conducted physical surveillance of claimants. This was costly, time-consuming, and didn't always deliver satisfactory results for insurers.

Forklifts can be deadly -- press operator fatally injured at work

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has a list of strict safety regulations related to the use of forklifts in Colorado and all other states. Only employees who have received appropriate training are allowed to operate any type of lift truck, and there are multiple rules with which they must comply. Unfortunately, these regulations are often disregarded -- sometimes resulting in employees being fatally injured at work.

Death benefits claim possible following Colorado explosion

A Colorado family may pursue financial assistance through the workers' compensation insurance system for the state in the aftermath of a workplace tragedy. A claim for death benefits may be appropriate following the recent death of a construction worker. Authorities say this was the third fatality within two months that could be linked to oil and gas properties owned by Anadarko in Colorado.

Claiming benefits for a work injury outside Colorado

Imagine this scenario: You are a resident of Colorado and work in the Denver area, but occasionally travel outside Colorado to perform your assigned work duties. While working in another state, you suffer injuries in an accident. Can you claim workers' compensation benefits in Colorado? Do you have to claim them in the state where you were injured? Or are you just out of luck?

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