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Landscape service workers can prevent being injured at work

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2017 | Workplace Safety |

With summer in full swing, landscaping services in Colorado are also in high demand. However, owners of garden services and tree-trimming businesses must not lose sight of the importance of employee safety. To promote workplace safety, training is vital. Workers who know the potential hazards of their jobs and learn the relevant safety regulations have a lesser chance of being injured at work.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration mandates certain regulations specific to the landscaping industry, covering potential hazards and requirements for personal protective equipment. Typical injuries include cuts, bruises, slip and falls, amputations and more — some of which can result in fatalities. The agency says about 200 deaths occur among landscape service workers every year. One of the biggest dangers in this industry is equipment that is not maintained and lack of proper training for those tasked with operating wood chippers, chain saws, mowers and other machines.

Wearing the appropriate safety gear and clothing is also essential. Hard hats can prevent workers who move about below others to suffer brain injuries. Flying twigs, stones or other material can cause loss of eyesight when workers do not wear safety goggles. Furthermore, landscape workers must wear light-weight clothing to safeguard against heat exhaustion, using colors that will enhance their visibility to others. Fresh, cool water must be provided along with frequent breaks for those working in the direct sun.

Regardless of the job to be done — whether it is mowing a lawn or operating a trencher of tiller — OSHA safety regulations must be observed. Landscape workers in Colorado who are injured at work can file workers’ compensation claims for insurance benefits to help them cope with medical expenses. A successfully navigated claim will include coverage of a portion of lost wages for victims who lose time from work due to their injuries.

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