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Permanent disability or death can follow struck-by injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2017 | Workplace Accidents |

One of the biggest hazards facing construction workers, particularly those who work in road construction, is struck-by incidents. The Center for Construction Research and Training says between 2011 and 2015, 804 construction workers lost their lives after suffering struck-by injuries. The number of deaths resulting from being struck by equipment was slightly higher than those that were struck by vehicles. These figures represent construction workers nationwide, including Colorado, who lost their lives but exclude those that suffered a permanent disability or less severe consequences.

Further analysis of the fatalities indicates that more than half occurred in road construction zones. According to statistics, 114 workers were hit by passenger vehicles while 112 lost their lives after being struck by trucks. The areas in which a large number of fatalities occurred include bridges, streets and highways, and the highest rate of deaths was in workers older than 65 years. The statistics apparently show that the occupations representing the highest fatality rates for struck-by incidents are maintenance workers on the nation’s highways, installers of power lines and operators of loading and excavating machines.

OSHA has launched regional emphasis programs in some areas that represented the most struck-by incidents to create awareness that may lead to fewer fatalities. While these statistics include only fatalities, many struck-by incidents cause non-fatal but catastrophic injuries that may cause permanent disability. The hazards exist not only in work zones but also in industrial facilities and on building construction sites.

Colorado families who have lost loved ones in workplace accidents can pursue death benefits by filing claims with the workers’ compensation program for the state. Employees who survived struck-by or other on-the-job accidents but were left with a permanent disability may find that the support and guidance of an experienced workers compensation attorney can be invaluable. A lawyer can handle the administrative and legal proceedings of the claim in the quest to obtain maximum benefits.

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