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OSHA standards to prevent injured workers in auto repair shops

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2017 | Workplace Safety |

As with any other industry, automotive repair shops and mechanics in Colorado are subject to safety regulations as prescribed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Reportedly, the majority of injured workers were denied their right to know specified safety information related to their employment. OSHA rules provide that workers have the right to know the details of any hazardous chemicals they might encounter on the job, along with the regulations related to the labeling, information inventories and storage of dangerous products.

Business owners must provide appropriate safety equipment, including devices to reduce noise, eye protection and respiratory equipment for those in areas where painting takes place. When it comes to tools, OSHA standards require that all tools be well-maintained for safe use. Furthermore, employees must be trained in the proper use of equipment and tools along with safety training to ensure awareness of the potential hazards.

There are also safety regulations pertaining to the shop space. Clutter must not be allowed because it can prevent ease of access — unused parts and tools must be stored away, and areas with spills must be cleaned immediately. Compliance with regulations related to electric wiring and fire extinguishers is essential.

Auto repair shop owners who enforce compliance with safety regulations may find that fewer injured workers increase profits and productivity. However, those who do suffer on-the-job injuries will be covered by the benefits offered by the Colorado workers’ compensation insurance system. Victims must report injuries to their employers as soon as possible to ensure they remain eligible for benefits that will cover medical expenses, and if they were unable to return to work immediately, a percentage of lost income.

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