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Working outdoors poses special injury challenges

Many people, choosing careers, opt against indoor work, cooped up in a factory or office. The outdoors calls to them, and they spend their working lives far from a cubicle.

Many then discover that you can be injured out of doors even worse you can be injured inside. They get back and neck injuries. They are involved in collisions and runovers. They are hurt by machines. They are electrocuted. They get poisoned by bad air, smoke, and toxic chemicals. They fall, and things fall on them.

Who we help

At Eley Law Firm, we obtain workers’ compensation for individuals injured while pursuing their outdoor livelihood. Among their numbers are:

  • Landscape workers: gardeners, designers, architects, arborists, ecologists, greenhouse workers
  • Farm workers: farmers, machine operators, pickers, nursery workers
  • Park employees: guides, rangers, naturalists, botanists, maintenance and construction workers, fire fighters
  • Energy industry workers: wind turbine professionals, pipeline workers, utility company crew members
  • Waterway workers: boat pilots, tourism guides, hydrologists
  • Animal managers: cowboys, herders, dog trainers, zookeepers

In most cases, outdoors workers are covered by Colorado Workers’ Compensation – but not all workers are aware of their rights.

Two things at once

We realize that it is distressing to have to deal simultaneously with recovering from your injury while dealing with the bureaucracy and delays of workers’ compensation. You should consider offloading the legal and administrative hassle to us.

Our goal is to ensure maximum benefits for you and your family.


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