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January 2018 Archives

Construction worker fatally injured at work

Construction workers undoubtedly have one of the most dangerous jobs. Due to the many potential hazards, accidents at construction sites are sometimes inevitable. With clear thinking and the use of precautionary measures, many of these incidents may be prevented. Unfortunately, a Colorado-based construction company is now to blame for the death of an employee who was fatally injured at work due to unsafe work conditions.

Death benefits under workman's comp

For most business owners, the safety and well-being of each employee is a top priority. On a daily basis, you will find that most employers are striving to improve job safety and offer programs that will educate their workers on the very best safety practices and how to handle an accident should one occur. Regardless of the amount of preparation a company has instilled, workplace accidents or related deaths are a fact of life and continue to rise. Colorado employees should be aware of any death benefits provided by their employer under workman's comp.

Injured workers and workplace death rates on the rise

As employees prepare for work and begin the work day, the thought of getting injured or not coming home is far from their minds. Although some occupations come with a higher percent of injured workers or workplace deaths, these can often be preventable with the enforcement of regulations and codes, guidelines and safety training. Colorado workers should be aware of all the dangers associated within their line of work and understand their rights should an accident occur.

Recovering from an incomplete spinal cord injury

In many ways, a person with an "incomplete" spinal cord injury has it much better than someone with a "complete" (paralyzing) spinal cord injury. With an incomplete spinal cord injury, you may still be able to walk and have more sensation, better sexual function, and better bladder and bowel control. However, you still face many challenges.

What is an incomplete spinal cord injury?

Catastrophic injury specialists make a distinction between "incomplete" spinal cord injuries and "complete" spinal cord injuries. When a person suffers an incomplete injury to the spine, he or she is not fully paralyzed and can still feel some sensation below the point of the injury. In contrast, a complete spinal cord injury means full paralysis.

Possible workers' compensation claims after ski worker death

Winters in Colorado bring a lot of snow, which also means more visitors to the Loveland Ski Area. With the enhanced foot traffic to the area, employees work extensively to maintain equipment and make repairs as needed in order to keep visitors as safe as possible. While keeping visitor's safe, it's also important for employers to keep the safety and health of their workers a high priority as well. With the recent tragedy of a Loveland employee, a workers' compensation claim for death benefits may be obtainable.

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