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Injured workers and workplace death rates on the rise

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

As employees prepare for work and begin the work day, the thought of getting injured or not coming home is far from their minds. Although some occupations come with a higher percent of injured workers or workplace deaths, these can often be preventable with the enforcement of regulations and codes, guidelines and safety training. Colorado workers should be aware of all the dangers associated within their line of work and understand their rights should an accident occur.

Despite the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s commitment to improve workplace safety and health, the rates of injured workers and fatalities are on a continuous rise and continue to increase as the years go by. Work within this country is becoming more dangerous and sometimes deadly. With respect to job fatalities in 2016, it was reported that there were 5,190 workplace deaths from injuries, translating to an average of 14 workers dying each day while working on the job.

Workplace inspections by OSHA investigators have dropped dramatically. With fewer resources and less oversight, many workplaces will unfortunately see more injuries and workplace deaths. As a result, families who are faced with such a tragedy may be entitled to certain benefits upon losing a loved one or dealing with the effects of any serious injuries incurred within the workplace.

For Colorado families dealing with the aftermath of an on-the-job injury or a workplace death, the advice of an experienced workers’ compensation attorney could be beneficial. Death benefits can provide a family with funds to cover funeral expenses or incurred medical bills, along with an income package for covered dependents. Injured workers also have the right to pursue workers’ comp claims for insurance benefits. Understanding one’s legal rights and the steps to take toward a winning case can help ease the pain associated with these types of situations.

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