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Possible workers’ compensation claims after ski worker death

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2018 | Workplace Accidents |

Winters in Colorado bring a lot of snow, which also means more visitors to the Loveland Ski Area. With the enhanced foot traffic to the area, employees work extensively to maintain equipment and make repairs as needed in order to keep visitors as safe as possible. While keeping visitor’s safe, it’s also important for employers to keep the safety and health of their workers a high priority as well. With the recent tragedy of a Loveland employee, a workers’ compensation claim for death benefits may be obtainable.

On Saturday, a Loveland Ski Area worker tragically succumbed to injuries suffered while performing a repair to the “magic carpet” ski lift. This smaller lift is used to transport skiers and their skis or snowboards uphill and is similar to a conveyer belt. An area director of Denver’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration office stated that the individual got caught up in the equipment causing the massive chest injuries.

As questions remain unanswered, it could be months before the conclusion is reached by OSHA. Although an engineer from the Colorado Passenger Tramway Safety Board revealed proper functioning of the lift after an inspection, it is possible certain safety compliance may have been violated. During this wait, the family of the deceased should be aware of the possible workers’ compensation claims available to them during this horrific time.

The tragedy of losing a loved one unexpectedly can seem unbearable, especially during the holiday season. Death benefits can provide a family with funds to cover funeral expenses and any lost wages due to the sudden death. Colorado families are advised to seek an experienced legal counsel to provide guidance throughout the intricate process of filing any workers’ compensation claims.

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