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March 2018 Archives

Plant with 2 fatally injured workers investigated by OSHA

Employees at manufacturing plants in Colorado and throughout the country may often have hazardous working environments. Depending on the industry, workers could have to deal with large equipment or heavy machinery that could cause potential accidents. Certainly, companies have procedures so that the jobs can be executed safely. However, despite safety guidelines, some workplace accidents still occur. One plant in another state has had two fatally injured workers in the past seven months.

OSHA finds concrete contractor responsible for injured workers

It is difficult to understand how employers can disregard the life-threatening hazards to which employees are exposed when they have to work in unprotected trenches. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that it had recently completed an investigation into an incident last December. It involved a injured workers and a trench collapse in Colorado Springs.

Diagnosing a spinal cord injury

A work-related fall or motor vehicle accident can result in a devastating spinal cord injury. This is why emergency responders take such care when they prepare to move someone they suspect has suffered such an injury. This procedure typically includes the use of a backboard or neck brace, as well as other techniques for transporting the accident victim to a hospital.

Denver's 'Blue Mustang' and construction deaths

The rearing Blue Mustang - a 32-foot-high fiberglass sculpture that has guarded Denver International Airport for the last decade - has gained notoriety not just for its glowing neon red eyes and locally-dubbed nickname of "Blucifer." It actually killed its creator Luis Jimenez.

Glutaraldehyde - A hazard for healthcare workers

Though they may not know it, many healthcare workers are regularly exposed to glutaraldehyde. When inhaled in sufficient quantities or accidently ingested, this disinfectant can result in adverse health effects. In this blog post, we will discuss the effects of glutaraldehyde exposure and some things healthcare workers can do to protect themselves.

Safety violations on scaffolding leave many injured workers

Some of the most dangerous circumstances faced by construction workers in Colorado are scaffolds. These are structures formed by temporary frameworks to allow workers access to elevated levels as they work on buildings. Safety authorities say approximately 4,500 injured workers and about 50 fatalities linked to scaffolds are reported each year.

Older commercial drivers have higher injury and fatality rates

Older workers in nearly every occupation have a breadth and depth of experience that younger workers cannot match. Commercial drivers are no exception. They tend to be reliable and productive, and they exhibit safe driving behaviors such as obeying traffic rules and wearing seatbelts. These are traits that employers value.

How employees at stores are most often injured at work

Getting sick or injured while out shopping at a retail establish is probably the last thing on someone's mind in Colorado or anywhere around the country. Whether at small grocery store or large department store, customers expect to have a safe shopping experience at the establishment. Yet the very people who ensure that stores are clean, walkways are clear and shelves are appropriately stocked have a higher rate of employees who are injured at work than construction workers.

Solid waste collectors face many hazards

The waste collection and disposal industry is one of the more dangerous sectors in our economy. The largest portion of the workforce in this industry spends their days collecting solid waste in residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods. A smaller number of workers sort and recycle solid waste at fixed locations. Solid waste workers have a risk of fatal occupational injury higher than that of the general work force.

Death benefits may apply after lineman dies on the job

Often, linemen go unnoticed and unappreciated for their long hours on the job while also performing dangerous jobs that are physically demanding. Regardless of the weather conditions, when the power goes out, linemen are the first ones out there to make sure power is restored. The recent loss of a lineman in an on-the-job accident in another state underscores the importance of workers' compensation death benefits for the families of fallen workers in Colorado and across the country.

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