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Auto maker Tesla accused of under-reporting injured workers

On Behalf of | May 1, 2018 | Workplace Injuries |

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration was established to ensure that workplaces are safe from hazardous conditions. Along with conducting regular inspections of Colorado companies, the agency is responsible for investigating reports of injured workers who suffer illnesses or injuries during the normal course of their duties. In the event an employer is found negligent, the federal agency issues citations and fines in order to correct the deficiencies.

Recently, a division of OSHA in another state purportedly opened an investigation into Tesla, the electric auto maker, over reports that the company has failed to fully disclose all reports of workplace accidents. Though the federal agency has not officially commented on the report, it acknowledged that it does not make statements concerning on-going investigations. An independent news organization purportedly conducted its own investigation into reports that Tesla has failed to ensure workers’ safety.

The Center for Investigative Reports claims to have interviewed numerous current and former workers who state that the automaker purportedly miscategorized work place accidents. In addition, the company was accused of neglecting safety improvements and of failing to properly train those workers who are engaged in more dangerous areas of the plant. The news journal further alleged that Cal-OSHA has cited the company for more than 40 safety violations over the past five years.

A Tesla spokesperson as denied the allegations and remarked that the company has made significant improvements in employee safety. The current report did not refer to any specific incident involving injured workers, and it is unclear what prompted the open investigation. Colorado workers who are injured while working are entitled to seek benefits from the workers compensation program. An experienced attorney can help facilitate the claims process and help workers obtain all of the benefits for which they qualify. 

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