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July 2018 Archives

Did chemical hazards in your restaurant job cause you lost wages?

Restaurant workers in Colorado face many safety hazards, some of which are not as obvious as sharp objects, hot fluids and slip-and-fall accidents. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the various chemicals used in restaurants pose significant hazards. Employees who want to stay safe and avoid injuries that could result in lost wages might have a better chance if they learn about hazardous chemicals.

Are workers' compensation benefits available for lead poisoning?

Every industry in Colorado has its unique hazards, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration prescribes regulations and guidelines that employers must enforce to ensure workplace safety. However, workers' compensation claims for benefits follow many injuries caused by safety violations. Occupational injuries do not all result from accidents; some can be caused by a disease. One type of workplace in which workers may not even be aware of their exposure to health hazards is indoor firing ranges in which exceptionally high risks of lead poisoning exist.

Emergency room nurses at risk for assaults

What's the leading cause of non-fatal injuries requiring days off work in the health care and social assistance industry? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it's violent assaults. Nurses working in every department of healthcare institutions face the risk of being assaulted, but it's especially a problem in emergency rooms. Over 70% of emergency room nurses reported suffering physical assaults, threats of assault or verbal abuse.

Widow's death benefits reduced because of husband's marijuana use

The widow and children of a Colorado ski worker are facing a cruel reality. The worker, Adam Lee, was crushed to death under a ski escalator at Loveland Ski Area in December 2017. Ordinarily, the worker's dependents would be entitled to the full amount of death benefits prescribed by law, to be paid by the employer's workers' compensation company.

Lost wages? Many construction accidents are preventable

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says 6.5 million workers are employed in the U.S. construction industry. Regardless of the size of the company, all construction workers are exposed to the same hazards. Along with medical expenses brought about by workplace injuries, victims also have to deal with lost wages. However, Colorado workers could improve their chances of staying safe by taking a few precautions rather than relying entirely on their employers to protect them.

Medical treatment is crucial at the first signs of heat illness

Summertime is ideal to get construction projects done in Colorado. However, it is the most dangerous time for construction workers whose employers fail to train them on the dangers of dehydration, sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It is also crucial for employees to recognize that heat exposure can cause death, and they need to know how to determine when a coworker needs medical treatment.

Teens in summer jobs must learn their workers' rights

Every summer, many Colorado teens get their first tastes of what it is like to have a job. Teen workers typically want to impress their employers, and they would execute any order to the best of their ability. First-time employees who do not have comprehensive knowledge of their workers' rights yet might compromise their own safety, and authorities report that the injury rate of workers under the age of 24 is almost double that of older workers.

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