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September 2018 Archives

Airline employees face hazards of all types

Airline employees are the mostly unseen glue that keep our travel plans together. Whether you are traveling for work, to see family or taking a vacation, you can count on the efforts of hundreds of individuals to make sure pilots get the support they need, and your luggage arrives in the right city.

Local construction firms fined $200,000 after employee death

Most individuals who work construction are familiar with doing their jobs a good ways above the ground. Working on a ladder or on a roof comes with the territory. How else will someone nail shingles, run wires, replace siding and any other multitude of jobs? This is an inherently dangerous part of the job, and why there are series of safety practices in place. When companies shirk these practices, tragedy often strikes.

Constant muscle and joint pain may be something bigger

Most people will feel a little muscle soreness or stiff joints after work as they get older. These uncomfortable moments can usually be remedied with some extra stretches, rest or hot/cold therapy. Most of the time, with a little extra attention, you could be pain free by the end of the week. What happens when the pain lingers, though?

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