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Safety tips for all construction workers

On Behalf of | Apr 22, 2019 | Construction Injuries |

Working on a construction site in Denver can be very dangerous. You constantly have to stay alert for falling objects, live electrical wires, moving vehicles and various other hazards. In fact, safety should be a priority for all construction workers. For instance, when working at heights, you should always use protection gear that will help prevent a fall.

Staying safe on the job can help you avoid an accident that can keep you from returning to work for a few days or a few months. Here are a few construction safety tips to help you stay injury-free on the job.

Equipment usage

The majority of injuries that equipment operators suffer from usually occur when the individual is getting on or off the equipment. You can reduce your chances of having an accident when climbing on or off machinery by checking your gloves and boots. You want these articles to be free of mud and other debris that may cause your grip or footing to slip.

Loading and unloading materials

When you are loading or unloading materials from a machine, there might be a moment when it becomes unstable and unbalanced. Even on level ground a piece of machinery can tip over if the load is not properly balanced. When performing this kind of work, it is best to enlist the help of coworkers. Have a spotter on hand that can make sure the area is clear of hazards as well as other workers in case there is a malfunction or equipment rollover.


Whether you are operating a backhoe or working with a small power tool, it is important to keep the area clear of people crowding around. Unless their presence is essential to the work being performed, there should not be any other people around that might get injured if something goes wrong. Furthermore, an operator may end up overcorrecting and having an accident trying to avoid other workers who should not have been in the vicinity in the first place.

While the above tips can help keep you and your coworkers safe on a construction site, accidents can still happen. If you have suffered a workplace injury, you might qualify to file a workers’ compensation claim. You could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses as well as recovery of lost wages while you recuperate.


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