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Head injuries on the job can cause major complications

Any significant blow to the head can produce a mild traumatic brain injury, which many victims may not even realize occurred. Mild traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, may affect each victim differently, depending on the severity of the impact, the location of the injury and other factors. It is common for a these injuries to take days or even weeks to cause any symptoms, which may make it appear as though a victim suddenly behaves very strangely.

If you recently suffered a blow to the head on the job, you may have a serious injury that requires proper diagnosis and treatment. It is wise to begin by seeing your doctor for a medical examination. With proper diagnosis and treatment, you can work toward recovery and collect important documentation that validates your injury. This can serve as a strong basis for a workers' compensation claim.

Common symptoms of a mild TBI

Mild TBIs may produce a number of symptoms in victims, including physical and cognitive symptoms. Common physical symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Blurry vision
  • Nausea
  • Seizures

While these are not the only symptoms a victim may experience, they are some of the most common and most concerning. These symptoms can significantly impact an employee's ability to perform their work, and may even put others in danger.

At the same time, victims often experience frustrating or frightening cognitive changes. These symptoms are more complex, and may look like bizarre, concerning behavior to colleagues, friends and family who do not realize a victim suffered a brain injury.

Often, a victim may find that they cannot complete common tasks in their job, or that they cannot learn a new process that seems simple to understand. In addition to this frustration, the victim may react in surprising, volatile ways that may concern them and others.

Another common symptom of a mild TBI is loss of context understanding. Victims may often misread things or misinterpret what others say to them, not because they lost any vocabulary, but because they don't recognize contextual meaning.

This quickly builds up conflict and tension in relationships, both at work and elsewhere. It is crucial for those around a TBI victim to understand that these changes are symptoms of a real injury that requires treatment and time to heal.

Protect your rights today

Filing a workers' compensation claim after a head injury may seem straightforward, but some employers or insurers complicate the process or choose to offer unacceptable benefits on a claim. In order to keep your rights secure and help seek complete compensation for your losses, it is wise to build a legal strategy using strong legal tools and guidance so you can focus on your recovery.

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