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What are common injuries that workers suffer?

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Workplace Injuries |

Putting in a proverbial “hard day’s work” is troubling for many of Denver’s workers who suffer the impact of strenuous labor on the body. Not all physical problems come from cumulative stress, either. One bad day is all it takes for an unexpected accident to cause harm. Workers may never know when, where and how an injury might occur. Thankfully, learning about the more common injuries could assist with prevention.

The body suffers from wear and tear

Working “too hard” may come with risks. A diligent worker might not always accept his or her limitations. Sometimes, taking a step back and assessing a task could reduce the chances of an injury. For example, lifting something without assistance might not be wise if doing so results in a strain or sprain.

Does the body feel like it needs a rest? Continuing to work overtime or not taking a day or two off to heal could aggravate a problem. Often, many workers overexert themselves and suffer unfortunate results. Perhaps seeing a physician for a routine physical examination might be advisable as well. There could be an unknown tear, sprain or another injury that requires a diagnosis.

Hazards on the job

There isn’t likely any work environment that comes with no risk of slip, trip or fall hazards. Even a wet bathroom floor could lead to a mishap and a broken arm, or a brief loss of concentration may result in tripping over a copy machine. Negligence may or may not factor into why someone trips and falls, but the result could be the same. The fall leads to an injury, and the resultant harm might be severe.

Job sites known for busy activity and physical labor present many hazards. Falling objects are among them. A construction site, a warehouse, a loading dock and many other environments present falling object hazards. Even a book falling off a shelf could hurt someone.

Workers’ comp could provide financial support to someone who is unable to work due to an injury. An attorney may assist when the claims process presents challenges.


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