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What injury risks do young workers face?

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Harm may befall workers of all ages on the job. Even young employees might suffer unexpected sprains and strains when performing physical labor. Young employees working in a Colorado office setting could experience wrist and back woes. Younger workers should take steps to avoid injuries and, at the very least, be aware of common causes for injury on the job.

Young workers and injuries

No matter how old a worker is and no matter where he or she works, an employee runs the risk of suffering a slip-and-fall mishap. Slips, trips and stumbles could take place anywhere. Younger workers might find themselves at potentially greater risks due to the type of jobs they hold. Young people often gravitate toward restaurant work, which exposes them to slippery floors from spills. Restaurant work may come with increased chances of cuts and burns as well. Young people work in many different jobs, but food service work illustrates the common injury risks that they face.

Any job that involves physical labor could lead to stress and strain-related injuries. A warehouse worker, for example, may experience a back problem after lifting a box that turns out to be heavier than initially believed. Similarly, someone working in an office could pick up computer equipment or a box of supplies and suffer an injury.

Dealing with the injuries

Anyone hurt on the job may need to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Older employees who have filed before are likely familiar with worker’s comp, its benefits and any related legal issues whereas a young worker might lack the experience to understand how these claims work. Ultimately, workers’ comp benefits could help someone out financially who is unable to work. Recovering from an injury could lead to economic hardship, so workers’ comp provides some support.

An attorney may lend assistance to a young person who is wondering how to file for worker’s compensation. The attorney may help if the filing process runs into complications.


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