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Determining if an injury is work-related

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Workers’ compensation is an important benefit for Colorado residents. It allows them to replace some of their income if they’re hurt on the job and can’t continue to work. However, determining eligibility for workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated. There are complex guidelines used to classify injuries as work-related.

Making the determination

Workers’ compensation benefits cover injuries that happen on factory floors and in offices. Those cases can be fairly straightforward. But other situations are more complex. For example, if someone is traveling for work and is injured in a car accident, does that make them eligible? The answer is that it depends.

If someone drives a truck for a company and is injured on the road in the course of a delivery, they may qualify for workers’ comp. But if someone is commuting from their home to work, they likely will not. Even if they’re attending a conference and become injured while going from the hotel to a work meeting, they may not be able to collect workers’ comp benefits. That can still be considered a normal commute.

Workers’ compensation benefits are mostly handled at the state level, although there is also a limited federal program. Applying for this benefit or appealing a determination can be intimidating. It’s also something most laypeople never do. With a system as complicated as workers’ comp, it can be a good idea to have legal help.

Contacting an attorney to assist you with a workers’ comp claim may be prudent. There are lawyers who deal with this system all the time. They may understand how to submit complete paperwork and avoid delays. They may also help you understand how the agency will view your claim before it’s even submitted.


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