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The risks you might face while working in an office

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

You may think that working in a Colorado office building would keep you safe from a devastating injury. However, the truth is that you may still be at risk of hurting your head, back or neck while talking on the phone or walking to a meeting. Take a closer look at some of the specific hazards that you might experience while at the office.

Falls are a common office accident

Walking on a ripped carpet or wet floor could result in a fall that causes a debilitating injury. You may also be at risk of falling while using a step ladder, going down slippery stairs, or while walking through rooms that are poorly lit. If there are cords, tools, boxes or other objects on the floor, there is a greater possibility that you will trip over them.

You could get hurt performing everyday tasks

Most adults know how to use staplers, hole punches, box cutters and similar objects in a safe manner. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t cut, stab or otherwise injure yourself while performing everyday tasks like opening a package or cutting a piece of cardboard with a sharp blade. In some cases, your injuries may warrant a trip to the emergency room to minimize blood loss or prevent an infection from spreading.

Improper technique can lead to soreness and pain

Ideally, you’ll sit on a chair that is low enough to the ground that your feet are flat on the floor, and the chair should be able to provide support for your lower back. It’s also a good idea to be as gentle as possible when typing to reduce the amount of strain on your hands, fingers and wrists. Also, remember to lift boxes and other parcels using your back and core muscles to avoid hurting your knees.

It’s important to note that you may still be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits even if you’re injured because of your own actions.

An attorney can help you obtain compensation for an on-the-job injury. This might be done by helping you file a benefit claim or by compelling your employer to process an existing claim in a timely manner.


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