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Are heat-related injuries common in Colorado?

On Behalf of | Aug 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Colorado workers sometimes deal with undesirable weather conditions. Whether working inside or outside, the heat may cause discomfort or worse. “Worse” may include life-threatening problems. When the temperature rises to unsafe levels, workers and employers may need to make adjustments. Otherwise, employees could find themselves suffering from heat strokes.

The dangers of excessive heat

Heat exposure killed 384 workers in the United States over the past decade. The combination of working in hot climates and performing physical, strenuous activities increases the chances of heatstroke. When someone experiences heatstroke, their body temperature rises to dangerous levels. A 105°F temperature puts the human body at significant risk of a fatal reaction. If the body cannot cool down, immediate medical attention might be necessary to save someone’s life.

A person who receives medical care could avoid dying, but the individual may need some recovery time to get well. Employees may worry about their financial situation, and workers’ compensation benefits might provide some assistance.

Seeking financial help from workers’ comp

Colorado provides a no-fault system to guide its workers’ comp program. That means an injured worker does not need to prove negligence to file a claim. If someone’s negligence did contribute to heat exposure, hopefully, management will take steps to avoid such instances from repeating. Providing an adequate number of breaks and access to water could reduce heatstroke risks. So might installing portable exterior fans capable of countering the hot weather.

Heat-related health emergencies may happen even when all parties take the right preventive steps. Any worker suffering from a heat-related medical condition might need to speak to an attorney. The attorney could help the worker file a claim or an appeal.


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