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Do health care workers face many injury risks?

On Behalf of | Sep 7, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Health care professionals spend much of their day caring for others. With tragic irony, a health care worker’s routine could leave that professional suffering from injuries and illnesses. Health care work comes with many expected and unexpected risks. Even the most well-managed Colorado facility cannot prevent all hazards, meaning some workers may get hurt and have to miss work.

Health care workers face numerous risks

Once a worker steps inside a health care facility, he or she should stay on alert to avoid typical slip-and-fall hazards. Anything spilled on the floor could lead to a mishap, resulting in injuries. A damaged exterior walkway may cause a worker to get hurt before entering the building and so may a car accident in the parking lot. An angry or confused visitor may not drive a vehicle safely, causing a collision.

And then there are somewhat more common issues inside the facility. Health care workers repeatedly lift heavy objects, including people. Patients may slip when moved onto a wheelchair or gurney, and a nurse or other assisting professional may suffer a back injury.

Patients may become unruly when dealing with their situation. Sometimes, a patient may become violent and hurt a worker. The inflicted injuries may be severe ones that require surgery and extensive time off from the job.

Hazards and health care workers

Even with appropriate preventive steps, people still get hurt or ill. A health care facility could be a place where germs and viruses travel freely. A bad flu bug may force a worker to stay home for several days or more and seek workers’ compensation.

One mistake could result in a worker cutting him or herself. Things may worsen significantly if the cut gets infected. Consider that yet another unexpected danger from working in the health care profession. And there are even more.


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