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Is Jan. 9 a dangerous day for Colorado workers?

On Behalf of | Oct 1, 2021 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries |

Workers could suffer injuries on the job any day of the year, but a review of existing data reveals that one day, in particular, appears to be the most dangerous date on the calendar for Colorado workers. Jan. 9 might leave some workers contacting a health care provider for assistance.

An ominous January day for Colorado workers

Pinnacol Assurance serves as Colorado’s top provider of workers’ compensation insurance. The company reviewed its records and revealed a surprising fact about injury claims: Jan. 9th delivers the greatest odds that workers could suffer injuries. That doesn’t mean that a worker won’t get hurt any other day; the circumstances surrounding the various accidents might not vary much from other days during the first month of the year. However, the revelation may lead some workers to be extra cautious on that date. The insurance provider points to a five-year average of nearly 200 claims every Jan. 9, a 62% increase over other claim filings during other days during the month.

The dangers of working in January

The winter season might bring with it an increase in workers’ comp claims. When cold rain and snow hit the ground, surfaces may freeze.

Falling represents the most common reason workers get hurt on Jan. 9, and snow- or ice-covered surfaces may lead to such incidents. Of course, workers may fall inside a workplace or trip over an object regardless of weather conditions.

Falls aren’t the only hazards workers might contend with on Jan. 9. Strains and cuts could lead to time off from work and possible medical bills.

Jan. 9 comes a little over a week after the holidays end. Workers might not be in the “mental groove” yet, which may result in accidents and injuries. Workers could reduce their chances of getting hurt by being more alert and performing other injury prevention steps.


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