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Amazon warehouses are dangerous places

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2022 | Workers' Compensation |

Millions of customers rely on Amazon for the delivery of products. Warehouse workers, drivers, and other employees put many hours on the job to get orders delivered on time. Unfortunately, the nature of the job comes with various injury risks. Colorado workers might be surprised to discover how high the rate of injuries is. Data shows that Amazon employees take many chances with their mental and physical health.

Injuries at Amazon worksites

Warehouse work comes with dangers. Accidents and mishaps might put someone in the hospital for an extended time. Slip-and-fall accidents are not uncommon. And then some workers suffer a slow-burn path to physical ailments.

Such issues could occur at any warehouse, but data from the Strategic Organizing Center shows that Amazon warehouses account for more injuries percentage-wise than similar employers and worksites. Whether the release of the information leads to investigations to address the problem remains to be seen.

Avoiding injuries would be a challenge at any warehouse. Anyone working in a warehouse might suffer sprains or other minor injuries from lifting, carrying, and loading heavy items. A back injury could be acute or the result of cumulative strain. The worker may require significant rest or surgery to correct the problem.

Compensation for injuries

Escaping harm might not be possible for all workers. The proximity to forklifts and other machinery creates risks. So do falling objects, such as boxes and tools.

If someone does get hurt, filing for workers’ compensation may be unavoidable. A successful workers’ comp claim might help someone pay bills and otherwise deal with the financial troubles of being out of work.

Sometimes, a workers’ compensation claim comes with challenges. Those running into trouble could seek assistance with filing an initial claim or an appeal.


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