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How concerned are employees about workplace injuries?

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Workers' Compensation, Workplace Injuries |

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, but accidents could happen at any worksite. A roofer may spend years working from heights but never suffer harm while an office clerk could slip, fall and suffer a spinal injury. Perhaps all Colorado workers should feel somewhat concerned about workplace safety, considering the potential risks.

Workplace injuries and worries

Austin’s AlertMedia, an emergency communications provider, performed a study that shows worker concerns about safety are increasing. The report revealed that 90% of employees feel their companies have a duty to protect them from unnecessary injury risks. Further employee inquiries revealed what worries many workers: Concerns about illnesses rank highly as does the threatening specter of workplace violence.

Employers should take steps to protect workers from harm, but the steps may vary depending on the workplace. Construction workers might need better equipment while office workers could benefit from increased security and accident-avoidance training. Still, accidents may happen, and there are financial concerns that follow.

The financial worries about workplace injuries

Workers don’t want to deal with the pain and suffering that severe injuries may cause. They likely also fear the financial consequences of being unable to work. Many injured employees feel thankful that Colorado offers a no-fault workers’ compensation system. A workers’ comp claim may alleviate some financial burdens when a worker gets hurt.

An employee may file a workers’ compensation claim and a lawsuit in some cases to recoup losses. In a workplace violence situation, the suit may target a contractor or co-worker but not the employer if the employer is not the liable party. It’s important to identify who is responsible for the accident and collect all details about the incident as part of a workers’ comp claim.


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