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Airline & Airport Worker Injuries Archives

The safe way to be an airport baggage handler

The Denver International Airport is considered the world's second-largest based on land area. With more than 52 square miles, it's even larger than Manhattan. And like Manhattan, the airport welcomes millions of visitors each year and also has an ice-skating rink, but not quite as famous as the one at Rockefeller Center.

Airline crews at greater risk for developing melanoma

Airline pilots and cabin crew members are consistently exposed to higher levels of ultraviolet radiation than the general population. This could explain why they face a significantly higher risk for developing melanoma. A comprehensive review of 19 study records involving more than 250,000 participants found that pilots and air crew have "twice the incidence of melanoma compared with the general population."

Everyone at an airport is a baggage handler

Around the country, some 400,000 airport and airline employees and vendors must lift heavy luggage every day. This number includes baggage handlers, screeners for the Transportation Security Administration, flight attendants, gate agents, aircraft maintenance, ticket counter personnel, taxi and shuttle drivers all must hoist bags up and down in order to get people places.

Pilots and flight attendants at risk from toxic engine fumes

Many airline pilots and flight attendants have experienced a "fume event" while flying. That can happen when bleed air from the engines (containing fumes from high-temperature synthetic oil) is brought into the cabin for heating purposes. If the concentration of toxic fumes is too high, then pilots, cabin crew, and passengers can become sickened or even pass out.

Airport baggage handling injuries in the ramp area

Airport workers can suffer injuries anywhere, but those working in the ramp area are particularly vulnerable. Workers loading and unloading baggage onto planes must often perform their duties in cramped spaces which force their bodies into awkward positions. At Denver International Airport, ramp area baggage handling operations in winter are frequently complicated by severe weather conditions. Accumulation of snow and ice can increase the potential for accidents during the baggage loading and unloading process. Workers in the ramp area also risk injury from vehicles and hearing loss from excessive noise.

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