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Sanitation workers face growing danger

Colorado is among the states that do not have a Slow Down To Get Around law on the books. These laws are designed to protect workers in hazard vehicles, including those in waste and recycling collection vehicles. Sanitation work is among the five deadliest professions, and a big reason for that is accidents caused by impatient, distracted or careless motorists. 

The agony of overextending our joints and tendons

As we get older, some aches and pains begin to creep into our game plan. Perhaps we over-extend ourselves on weekends. Perhaps we just lift something awkwardly at work. Younger workers may feel the same aches but within a week or two their bodies typically recover to full strength. For older workers, however, the problem may be more than just an over-extended muscle. repetitive stress pain related to bursitis and tendonitis begin to set in due to repetitive stress caused by too much every-day use.

Bursitis – a potentially serious medical problem

Bursitis is a medical condition that can be very painful. It usually occurs in the shoulder, elbow, knee, or hip, when repeated motions inflame the bursae (the fluid sacs that cushion the bones and tendons in those joints). Bursitis can happen to anyone, but carpet and tile layers, airport baggage handlers, and carpenters are especially vulnerable.

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