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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Archives

Airport ticket counter baggage handling injuries

To a passenger at Denver International Airport, the baggage handling process may appear seamless. The passenger drops a bag at the ticket counter, and if all goes well, it shows up at the passenger's destination as if by magic. But airport workers know what really happens behind the scenes. They know all too well about the physical effort that's required to get a suitcase from one airport to another, and about the injuries that airport workers can suffer as they perform their daily work duties.

Carpal tunnel and a mouse: What's the connection?

Occupational diseases continue to be a growing concern for employees. Many people now have jobs that require them to sit and work at a computer for a majority of the day. Even with the help of ergonomic chairs and ergonomic assessments, the risk of an injury such as carpal tunnel still exists.

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: considering treatment options?

When it comes to repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome might be one of the more well-known types of injuries. Often, this injury is associated with repetitive typing, and the position of the hands and wrists on a computer keyboard over an extended period of time.

Touch-screen technology: workplace friend or foe?

Anywhere you look, people are using touch-screen phones, tablets and even computers. Traditionally, employees use desktops or laptops that have keyboards. But for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, could touch-screens help reduce the risk of a repetitive stress injury?

Surgery available to treat carpal tunnel syndrome

As many people know, carpal tunnel syndrome can be a cause of serious pain. Although some patients respond well to treatments such as injections or splints, these conservative approaches do not work for everyone. There are, however, surgical options available to help relieve the pain of those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome.

Physiology may indicate likelihood of carpal tunnel syndrome

Many people in Denver are aware that repetitive activities can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, but they may not realize that there are certain people who, based off of their physiology, are more at risk for this sometimes disabling condition. Carpal tunnel syndrome is known as an occupational disease, or a repetitive injury, which means that when Colorado employees are constantly performing tasks that aggravate their median nerves, they may develop this condition.

67 percent of poultry workers have signs of hand, wrist pain

While we have talked a lot about how modern office jobs are causing significant damage and pain that just weren't present in Colorado's workforce before, this type of pain and physical injuries are showing up in more than just the office. Take, for example, the poultry industry. Individuals who work on the line processing, slaughtering and otherwise handling poultry are dealing with high rates of carpal tunnel syndrome.

Simple steps may reduce risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

Although many people in Denver may assume that an office job is the safest place to work, there are still many people every year who have to take time off of work, seek medical attention and, in some cases, may have to stop working entirely because of a repetitive stress condition that is affecting more and more people: carpal tunnel syndrome. As more positions become computer-heavy and require long hours of typing, it is only natural that more people will start to suffer pain, weakness or numbness in their hands and wrists. There are, however, some relatively simple steps to reducing the risk of the condition.

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