Airport ticket counter baggage handling injuries

To a passenger at Denver International Airport, the baggage handling process may appear seamless. The passenger drops a bag at the ticket counter, and if all goes well, it shows up at the passenger’s destination as if by magic. But airport workers know what really happens behind the scenes. They know all too well about…


Carpal tunnel and a mouse: What’s the connection?

Occupational diseases continue to be a growing concern for employees. Many people now have jobs that require them to sit and work at a computer for a majority of the day. Even with the help of ergonomic chairs and ergonomic assessments, the risk of an injury such as carpal tunnel still exists. Carpal tunnel is…


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: considering treatment options?

When it comes to repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome might be one of the more well-known types of injuries. Often, this injury is associated with repetitive typing, and the position of the hands and wrists on a computer keyboard over an extended period of time. Historically when someone suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome, a…


Touch-screen technology: workplace friend or foe?

Anywhere you look, people are using touch-screen phones, tablets and even computers. Traditionally, employees use desktops or laptops that have keyboards. But for those who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, could touch-screens help reduce the risk of a repetitive stress injury? Though a touch-screen may give a worker’s hands a break from the traditional keyboard,…


Shoulder strain a product of typing, office work

Many people in Aurora have jobs that require them to sit in front of a computer for eight hours while doing hours of typing on a keyboard. Though it is part of the job requirements, typing or sitting for long periods can create mobility problems in the wrists. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of those…


Railroad employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome from work

What would you do if you went to work every day thinking that your job was safe, only to find out that it was actually causing a long-lasting and potentially debilitating medical condition? For many in Colorado, their first thought would be to determine what the treatments are and how long he or she would…

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