Is your Colorado job dangerous?

There are many types of jobs, and some are more dangerous than others. Risky jobs have a high injury and fatality rate, and that’s why they typically lead to workers’ compensation claims. If you work in a high-risk environment, it’s important to take the proper steps to prevent injuries and protect yourself in the event…


4 common hazards of airport work

Colorado is home to over a dozen airports, including one major international hub. Airport workers perform all different kinds of jobs in a constantly changing and sometimes hectic environment. Here are four of the most common airport worker hazards: #1: Slip-and-fall accidents Slip-and-fall accidents account for a huge portion of workers’ compensation claims across all…


Top manufacturing injuries in Colorado

Manufacturing workers are often exposed to many different hazards on the job, including heavy equipment, dangerous chemicals and more. While workers’ compensation is available to you when you get injured on the job, it’s always important to protect yourself since your health and safety come first. Back injuries Back pain is one of the most…


Common construction site hazards and injuries

Construction sites are a common source of injuries that lead to workers’ compensation claims in Colorado. Although the focus on construction safety is on the rise, many construction workers are still exposed to certain hazards, which include the following. Falls As a construction worker, you have to use ladders, cranes, scaffolding and other similar forms…


Working in cold weather can be dangerous

Not many people like to go outside in freezing weather, but many workers don’t have a choice. Their chosen profession requires them to deal with the elements, including cold winds and freezing snow. Working outside comes with dangers, and those risks might increase significantly during a brutal Colorado winter. Workers could take extra precautions to…


Detours vs frolics for job-related injuries: why the difference matters

Your work duties may require you to travel around town or even farther. You probably already know that you can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits if you suffer an injury while working at your job site or traveling for work. But what if you suffer an injury while on a brief break, such as when…

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