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Workers' Compensation Archives

Offering flexible meeting arrangements due to the threats of COVID-19

At the Eley Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing experienced and tireless support to Coloradans who suffer on-the-job injuries. We understand that when you suffer a serious injury, the ability to immediately consult with an attorney to discuss your options can be critical.

Workers who suffer PTSD may be eligible for workers' compensation

When you think of an employee dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), the first occupations that often come to mind are EMT, police officer or firefighter. Trauma, however, can occur in any occupation. It was that realization that led to a newly expanded bill to protect many Colorado workers.

The oil and gas industry: severe injuries upstream

If asked to identify the most dangerous industries in the U.S., most American's would include the oil and gas industry. That reaction is supported by a recent analysis by E&E News which found the oil and gas industry held the highest rates of severe injury in the nation. According to the analysis, the definition of a severe injury is one causing hospitalization or loss of a body part.

Man injured at work suffers broken bones, tissue damage

Those who work around heavy equipment face many dangers if the machines malfunction or other problems occur. When mishaps happen, there may be a risk of suffering a serious injury based on the equipment involved. Those who are injured at work often sustain significant monetary damages along with their physical injuries. Colorado workers may need to turn to workers' compensation benefits at these difficult times.

Workers' compensation available when employee injured on job

One minute everything is going great, but then something happens. Perhaps the Colorado employee slips on a wet floor, trips on loose carpet or an object hits him or her. The end result is that the employee has been hurt. When this happens, workers' compensation insurance is usually available to take care of the employee.

Impairment and permanent disability are not interchangeable terms

When one suffers a work-related injury, there are many issues that need attention. Applying for workers' compensation and determining the severity of one's injury are at the forefront. When it comes to knowing how to apply for benefits, it is helpful for Colorado workers to understand the difference between impairment and permanent disability and how this agency differentiates between the two.

Death benefits under workman's comp

For most business owners, the safety and well-being of each employee is a top priority. On a daily basis, you will find that most employers are striving to improve job safety and offer programs that will educate their workers on the very best safety practices and how to handle an accident should one occur. Regardless of the amount of preparation a company has instilled, workplace accidents or related deaths are a fact of life and continue to rise. Colorado employees should be aware of any death benefits provided by their employer under workman's comp.

How to lose your workers' compensation case

Many workers' compensation claims are approved in a relatively timely and orderly way. After a period of review, the insurance company approves the claim and issues its General Admission of Liability, and the injured worker gets medical and wage replacement benefits.

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