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Workplace Accidents Archives

Plant with 2 fatally injured workers investigated by OSHA

Employees at manufacturing plants in Colorado and throughout the country may often have hazardous working environments. Depending on the industry, workers could have to deal with large equipment or heavy machinery that could cause potential accidents. Certainly, companies have procedures so that the jobs can be executed safely. However, despite safety guidelines, some workplace accidents still occur. One plant in another state has had two fatally injured workers in the past seven months.

OSHA finds concrete contractor responsible for injured workers

It is difficult to understand how employers can disregard the life-threatening hazards to which employees are exposed when they have to work in unprotected trenches. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reported that it had recently completed an investigation into an incident last December. It involved a injured workers and a trench collapse in Colorado Springs.

Older commercial drivers have higher injury and fatality rates

Older workers in nearly every occupation have a breadth and depth of experience that younger workers cannot match. Commercial drivers are no exception. They tend to be reliable and productive, and they exhibit safe driving behaviors such as obeying traffic rules and wearing seatbelts. These are traits that employers value.

Solid waste collectors face many hazards

The waste collection and disposal industry is one of the more dangerous sectors in our economy. The largest portion of the workforce in this industry spends their days collecting solid waste in residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods. A smaller number of workers sort and recycle solid waste at fixed locations. Solid waste workers have a risk of fatal occupational injury higher than that of the general work force.

Death benefits may apply after lineman dies on the job

Often, linemen go unnoticed and unappreciated for their long hours on the job while also performing dangerous jobs that are physically demanding. Regardless of the weather conditions, when the power goes out, linemen are the first ones out there to make sure power is restored. The recent loss of a lineman in an on-the-job accident in another state underscores the importance of workers' compensation death benefits for the families of fallen workers in Colorado and across the country.

High rate of severe injuries in the oil and gas drilling industry

For years, there was an anomaly in the numbers concerning accidents in oil and gas fields. There was a high death rate among workers, but a low injury rate. One would expect there to be some correlation between these, but that's not what the data said. Drilling and fracking companies proudly noted the apparent low injury rate in the industry.

Workman's comp for construction workers

Over the past few years, the number of workplace accidents have continued to drop, thanks to a rise in safety standards. As Colorado employers continue to implement these safety measures, many benefits are retained, such as minimal work-related injuries or deaths, and fewer workman's comp claims. Although most industries have enjoyed a decline in workplace accidents, many others continue to rise, especially in construction.

Fatal injuries increase in American workplaces

For many years, the efforts of employers, lawmakers and agencies throughout the country have been to minimize accidents in the workplace. The country is better when our working environments are safer. Stopping serious and fatal accidents, of course, is one of the most pressing priorities in this safety initiative.

Possible workers' compensation claims after ski worker death

Winters in Colorado bring a lot of snow, which also means more visitors to the Loveland Ski Area. With the enhanced foot traffic to the area, employees work extensively to maintain equipment and make repairs as needed in order to keep visitors as safe as possible. While keeping visitor's safe, it's also important for employers to keep the safety and health of their workers a high priority as well. With the recent tragedy of a Loveland employee, a workers' compensation claim for death benefits may be obtainable.

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