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Workplace Injuries Archives

Routine activities lead to more injured workers

Accidents can occur at any job in Colorado or elsewhere around the nation, regardless of the industry or size of the business. Despite what one may believe, most injured workers have not experienced a horrific accident or work in hazardous conditions. In fact, the majority of injuries are caused by mundane occurrences, such as trips, falls or overexertion.

Denver's 'Blue Mustang' and construction deaths

The rearing Blue Mustang - a 32-foot-high fiberglass sculpture that has guarded Denver International Airport for the last decade - has gained notoriety not just for its glowing neon red eyes and locally-dubbed nickname of "Blucifer." It actually killed its creator Luis Jimenez.

Solid waste collectors face many hazards

The waste collection and disposal industry is one of the more dangerous sectors in our economy. The largest portion of the workforce in this industry spends their days collecting solid waste in residential, commercial and industrial neighborhoods. A smaller number of workers sort and recycle solid waste at fixed locations. Solid waste workers have a risk of fatal occupational injury higher than that of the general work force.

Injured workers and workplace death rates on the rise

As employees prepare for work and begin the work day, the thought of getting injured or not coming home is far from their minds. Although some occupations come with a higher percent of injured workers or workplace deaths, these can often be preventable with the enforcement of regulations and codes, guidelines and safety training. Colorado workers should be aware of all the dangers associated within their line of work and understand their rights should an accident occur.

Fatal workplace accidents continue to increase

The Bureau of Labor Statistics has just released its annual report on workplace fatalities and it contains some distressing news: workplace fatalities continue to their upward trend. In 2016, a total of 5,190 workers died from injuries suffered in the workplace. That's up from 4,836 fatalities in 2015, and represents an increase of 7.3 percent.

Outdoor workers at risk for cold stress injuries

Now that winter is here, workers who labor outside need to take special precautions to avoid frostbite, hypothermia, and other "cold stress" injuries. Those workers most at risk include construction workers, sanitation workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and tow truck drivers. But remember that in severely cold weather even a few minutes spent outside could result in serious and potentially disabling injuries.

1 of 3 injured workers succumbs to oil field burn injuries

An incident involving a fire occurred while oil field workers were doing maintenance work on a pipeline in Colorado. Reportedly, three employees suffered injuries during this event, which took place on Nov. 16. Five days later, on Nov. 21, it was reported that one of the three injured workers had succumbed to his injuries.

Workplace hazards faced by hotel housekeepers

Anyone who has stayed at a hotel has seen them: hotel housekeepers. Though it might appear that their work is not too hard, their days can be grueling and at times hazardous. In fact, according to one study hotel housekeepers are 40 percent more likely to suffer work injuries than other service sector workers. What are these hazards?

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