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Workplace Safety Archives

Lost wages? Many construction accidents are preventable

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says 6.5 million workers are employed in the U.S. construction industry. Regardless of the size of the company, all construction workers are exposed to the same hazards. Along with medical expenses brought about by workplace injuries, victims also have to deal with lost wages. However, Colorado workers could improve their chances of staying safe by taking a few precautions rather than relying entirely on their employers to protect them.

Medical treatment is crucial at the first signs of heat illness

Summertime is ideal to get construction projects done in Colorado. However, it is the most dangerous time for construction workers whose employers fail to train them on the dangers of dehydration, sunburn, heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. It is also crucial for employees to recognize that heat exposure can cause death, and they need to know how to determine when a coworker needs medical treatment.

Teens in summer jobs must learn their workers' rights

Every summer, many Colorado teens get their first tastes of what it is like to have a job. Teen workers typically want to impress their employers, and they would execute any order to the best of their ability. First-time employees who do not have comprehensive knowledge of their workers' rights yet might compromise their own safety, and authorities report that the injury rate of workers under the age of 24 is almost double that of older workers.

Workers' rights and the safety of temporary employees

Questions are often asked about the responsibility of primary employers such as staffing agencies and host employers for the safety of temporary workers in Colorado. Employees and even employers may be unsure about this, but the answer is that these workers' rights to protection are the same as the rights of full-time workers. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, it is the joint responsibility of primary and host employers.

Injured at work due to violations of forklift safety rules?

Forklifts often bring out the boys in men. However, regardless of the temptation to have some fun, these machines must be seen for what they are -- dangerous. Workers who are injured at work are typically entitled to workers' compensation benefits. However, if injuries occurred during horseplay on a forklift, claims might be denied. Colorado employers are responsible for the safety of employees, and one way to avoid forklift injuries is to enforce safety regulations.

How many teens will be injured at work in summer jobs this year?

Colorado teens who take on summer jobs are often entering the workforce for the first time. It is an exciting time, their first steps to becoming financially independent from their parents. The last thing on their minds would likely be the possibility of being injured at work. However, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration notes that a significant number of work-related accidents involve new workers under the age of 25.

Lack of hand protection can cause permanent disability

Workers in industrial facilities in Colorado may not all realize the risks of suffering severe injuries if they fail to wear, or are not provided with, the necessary personal protective equipment. Some employers and workers might regard gloves as unnecessary and a hindrance. They may not realize that protective hand gear is essential in avoiding severe hand injuries that could cause permanent disability.

Injured workers: Complacency can have devastating consequences

Many longtime roof workers become complacent if they have been fortunate enough not to be involved in fall accidents. Scores of injured workers are reported in Colorado every year, many of whom suffered preventable falls. However, for falls to be preventable, workers must take steps to prevent them. The problem becomes exacerbated if these "lucky" workers are put in charge of showing newer, younger workers the ropes. Potentially deadly habits are passed on from one generation to the next, with the false sense of security it creates.

Glutaraldehyde - A hazard for healthcare workers

Though they may not know it, many healthcare workers are regularly exposed to glutaraldehyde. When inhaled in sufficient quantities or accidently ingested, this disinfectant can result in adverse health effects. In this blog post, we will discuss the effects of glutaraldehyde exposure and some things healthcare workers can do to protect themselves.

Safety violations on scaffolding leave many injured workers

Some of the most dangerous circumstances faced by construction workers in Colorado are scaffolds. These are structures formed by temporary frameworks to allow workers access to elevated levels as they work on buildings. Safety authorities say approximately 4,500 injured workers and about 50 fatalities linked to scaffolds are reported each year.

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