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Workplace Safety Archives

Safety hazards and injured workers' rights

Factory and warehouse employees undoubtedly have some of the most dangerous jobs. As employers continue to implement safety procedures and offer continuous training to their employees, accidents and injuries still occur. Injured workers in the state of Colorado are urged to understand their rights should any health or safety concerns arise in the workplace.

Possible death benefits for family of deceased worker

When working in large manufacturing plants, whether in Colorado or elsewhere, workers are oftentimes faced with many safety hazards. With proper maintenance and employee training, many of these hazards can be prevented. Unfortunately, this was not the case in another state when an operator died from injuries sustained after a recent manufacturing accident. Now, his family may be eligible for death benefits.

Construction worker fatally injured at work

Construction workers undoubtedly have one of the most dangerous jobs. Due to the many potential hazards, accidents at construction sites are sometimes inevitable. With clear thinking and the use of precautionary measures, many of these incidents may be prevented. Unfortunately, a Colorado-based construction company is now to blame for the death of an employee who was fatally injured at work due to unsafe work conditions.

Permanent disability may follow a fall during snow removal

After heavy snowfall in Colorado, workers who are involved in snow removal may not recognize the hazardous nature of the job. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, worker fatalities and serious injuries during these operations mostly follow falls through skylights, off roof edges, from aerial lifts and ladders. Sometimes, such falls cause permanent disability.

Surprising facts regarding rehabilitation rights in Colorado

Whether you work in an office, on a construction site or 50 feet in the air as window washer, your employer is typically obligated to purchase insurance through the worker's compensation program so you can collect benefits if you suffer injury on the job. Some jobs are undoubtedly more dangerous than others; however, accidents can happen anywhere, and sudden injury can have long-term consequences even if the injured person's condition is non life-threatening. A key factor toward successful recovery often lies in the type of rehabilitation provided. Colorado workers will want to make sure they understand rehabilitation rights in this state before claiming benefits.

More oil wells will result in more employees injured at work

The oil and gas industry in Colorado is expanding rapidly. Sadly, as more wells open, more workers are injured at work -- sometimes fatally. Safety advocates are increasingly concerned because there seems to be no enforcement when explosions and fires in the oilfields cause death and injuries to workers and the public because many activities are taking place in close proximity to communities.

Outdoor workers at risk for cold stress injuries

Now that winter is here, workers who labor outside need to take special precautions to avoid frostbite, hypothermia, and other "cold stress" injuries. Those workers most at risk include construction workers, sanitation workers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, and tow truck drivers. But remember that in severely cold weather even a few minutes spent outside could result in serious and potentially disabling injuries.

Lack of sleep is as dangerous as intoxication

According to a new study, not getting enough sleep can result in impaired memory and visual perception. The authors of the study likened the effects of sleep deprivation to those of intoxication. This implies that that driving , operating machinery, or using power tools without enough sleep can be as dangerous as performing those activities while under the influence of alcohol.

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