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New study results could predict development of chronic back pain

It can be difficult knowing whether a back injury will heal itself quickly or lead to chronic back pain. But for a worker, a back injury that lingers can significantly impact their ability to do their job. But now, researchers believe there may be a way to identify chronic back pain early on.

Chronic neck pain often requires medical attention, rest

Nearly everyone in Aurora has woken up with a crick in his or her neck, but after some time, the neck pain subsides and he or she is able to resume normal activities. While this is just one variety of neck pain, there are many people living in the greater Denver area that live with neck pain on a daily basis, many of whom were injured by work activities. For people living with chronic neck pain, a few hours rest won't be enough to relieve the pain.

How a back injury can occur and how it could impact a worker

Workplace injuries can develop over a period of time or can be the result of a work accident. Injuries, such as back injuries, can be the result of repetitive movement or from a bad fall. Whatever the cause, a back injury can put a worker in a lot of pain.

Back injuries that go unreported can result in chronic pain

Many Americans may experience pain and not realize it is a result of their work duties. Some of the most common areas of pain include the arms, wrists, neck, shoulders and back. Employees that have desk jobs are just as likely to suffer from work-related pain as employees that have physical labor positions.

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