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Nurses beware: this is the biggest danger in the workplace

Imagine the dangers nurses face every day. Most people would picture open needles, biohazardous waste, wet floors, and angry patients. Surprisingly the biggest threat to nurses is lifting. In particular most nurses are injured on the job due to lifting patients who cannot walk.

Are you looking for answers about work-related back injuries?

It might have started out like any other workday, with you working on the assembly line, answering phone calls or loading a truck. However, the next thing you know, you felt a sharp pain in your back as you were packing crates, bending over to retrieve a file or pushing a heavy box.

Discover more about the causes, consequences of back injuries

In keeping with our firm's commitment to helping you better understand workers' compensation and work-related trauma, we recently published an informative Slide Share presentation examining a very common -- and often debilitating -- type of workplace injury.

How much do you really know about back injuries in the workforce?

Of all the work injuries that can keep you sidelined, few are as commonplace, as vexing, as debilitating and as misunderstood as back injuries. That's because they can strike at any time, last for what seems like an eternity, be incredibly painful and involve complex terminology that is often difficult to comprehend.

Repetitive injuries can be covered by workman's comp in Colorado

Many employees have to perform physical labor as part of their job. Back injuries can sometimes result from repetitive lifting motions. An employee might notice the injury right away, or it may occur when he or she is not at work. However it happens, these injuries can be difficult to prove, and employers and insurance companies may be reluctant to provide workman's comp. Even so, Colorado employees are still entitled to those benefits.

Microsoft co-founder to fund spinal cord injury research

When someone in Aurora suffers a serious back injury at work, he or she may be left paralyzed. Although anyone who loses mobility or use of their limbs due to a workplace back injury is eligible for workers' compensation, an injured worker likely hopes to one day regain the full use of his or her limbs through new technologies. One of the co-founders of Microsoft, Paul Allen, is hoping to help make new technology available by funding a research team to develop a new prosthetic that should overcome hand and arm paralysis.

High use of opiates indicates high number of back injuries

In a recent study of opiate use, overuse and overdose, it was determined that significant number of people were given opiates following a workplace back injury. While it might make sense to give opiates immediately following a work-related back injury, prescribing such powerful painkillers after the first six weeks may not be that helpful.

Clinical trial may pave way for new treatments for paralysis

A new clinical trial, which gained approval from federal officials earlier this year, should provide some hope for workers in Denver, Colorado who have sustained spinal cord injuries while on the job. The primary aim of the clinical trial is to seek a cure for paralysis.

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