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Things to consider after suffering a work-related brain injury

Suffering an injury on the job can be a scary thing to some people because, depending on the severity of the injury, it’s often difficult to tell how long a person will experience the symptoms of their injury or whether they will need to miss work as a result. This is especially true with traumatic brain injuries because a) you can’t see whether the injury is healing, and b) it’s difficult to gauge whether there will be any long-term effects.

Simple blood test now able to detect brain injuries

Have you ever hit your head at work? Perhaps the blow to the head was strong enough to give you a concussion. If so, have you ever wondered what sort of long-term effects an injury like that can have on you? If you’re like most of our readers, then you probably answered yes to that last question. Because you can’t see what’s going on inside your head, it’s difficult to tell if a brain injury has caused permanent damage or will have any lasting effects that make you unable to work. As a result, people are often left wondering if there is any way to catch this issue early before it becomes a major problem.

Workers who suffer a brain injury may see personality change

Often we discuss many of the different ways that a brain injury can impact a worker after an accident. There are the physical implications, that require therapy and check-ups, and there are financial implications from medical expenses. For brain injury victims, these are the immediate concerns that come up after the injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can vastly change a life

Many people in Denver may think that traumatic brain injuries, despite their name, are not serious enough to prevent someone from returning to work, but these kinds of accidents can severely restrict what an individual is able to do. While not all work-related head injuries in Colorado are going to keep an employee from ever working again, there are a number of serious workplace head injuries that force employees onto workers' compensation every year.

Workers with brain injuries may be at higher risk of stroke

New research was recently published that shows that the risk of stroke is greatly increased when someone has a traumatic brain injury. Researchers found that the link between stroke and traumatic brain injury is quite strong and is as important as the link between stroke and its highest risk factor, high blood pressure. Though more research needs to be done on brain injuries and strokes, this could be an important piece of information for Colorado workers who suffer head injuries.

5 years after accident, construction worker is still injured

Being hit by a moving vehicle is not a risk associated with most jobs, but for the many construction workers on Denver's roads and highways, it is an ever-present danger. No matter how many barriers are put up, reflective gear is worn or signs are posted, there will be some drivers who miss it all and can cause very serious injuries in construction zones. Fortunately, there is workers' compensation for construction workers injured on the job, but that doesn't mean the injuries will be quick to heal.

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