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Workplace safety also includes bank, credit union employee safety

This blog has covered many of the different aspects of workplace safety, but nearly all of the posts are on the safety concerns that come with construction, manufacturing or office work. Another aspect of workplace safety also includes keeping employees of banks and credit unions safe from robbers and other violence.

Hitting the slopes runs risk of hitting a tree

According to Johns Hopkins Hospital, an estimated 600,000 people are injured nationally as a result of skiing or snowboarding. But because ski resorts here in Colorado have little oversight from federal and state governments and aren't required to release deaths and injuries to the public, the total number in Colorado is relatively unknown.

Colorado officer rushed to hospital after firework explosion

It is an injury that not many people in Colorado would associate with workers' compensation, but a Colorado Parks and Wildlife officer was injured last month by an exploding firework. The laws surrounding workers' compensation for public employees and employees of extremely high-risk jobs, such as police officers, are often different than those from much tamer jobs. Because the differences can be fairly minute, it is important to work with a workers' compensation attorney who is experienced with all types of clients.

Two killed in Highlands Ranch construction wreck

Two construction workers were killed during a tragic accident along Colorado State Highway 470 late last month. The accident happened when an elderly driver drove off the side of the road, striking the two men who had been working on a road expansion project. In the aftermath of the accident, it is unlikely that the families of the men who died in the work-related accident are thinking about money, but they may want to consult a workers' compensation attorney to apply for death and dependency benefits.

Workplace fatalities are down but maybe not for long

The good news is the number of workplace fatalities is down. The bad news? The numbers are likely to rise. The number of deaths in the workplace is down 1.7 percent in the last two years, down 22 percent in just over a decade. These decreases are credited to efforts by employers, industry organizations and employees to increase safe practices in the workplace. Further, regulations regarding workplace safety have been clarified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the organization charged with workplace safety.

Aurora employee sustains serious crush injuries in accident

Aurora, Colorado, was the scene of a horrific workplace accident recently. According to ABC7 News, a construction worker was building a retaining wall when the prefabricated concrete slab fell on him. The man is recovering in the hospital, but it is unclear what his condition is. As he takes time to recover and until he is ready to return to work, he may be eligible for lost wages.

Event honors Colorado employees who died in work zone accidents

Workers from the Colorado Department of Transportation convened this week to honor their coworkers who died on the job during the past year. Preliminary numbers indicate that 10 people were killed in work zones in 2011, and 96 other people were injured. A total of 830 crashes happened in Colorado work zones during the past year and the problem continues to grow, according to agency officials.

Colorado company cited for seven repeat, 18 serious violations

The job of the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration is to protect workers in American places of employment from unsafe workplace conditions. Although OSHA certainly helps to prevent workers from becoming injured at work and may even cite businesses for failing to maintain safe work environments, only by filing a workers' compensation claim can an injured employee actually recover some financial compensation after an accident.

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