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Will Trump deregulate workplace safety rules?

Donald Trump ran an unprecedented and unpredictable campaign, which is carrying into the early days of his administration. With campaign promises to ease the burden on businesses while decreasing regulations, it's fair to assume that OSHA will be affected by the incoming president.

Window washer could suffer permanent disability after fall

Like other people around the country, Colorado residents see people hanging from tall buildings to clean the windows, and they are thankful they do not have to do that job. Window washers are some of the only workers who spend nearly all of their time above ground as they work. Understandably, the most prevalent hazard these individuals face is falling. If a worker does fall and survives, there is possibility that he or she could suffer a permanent disability.

DuPont cited by OSHA after 4 employees fatally injured at work

Several industries around the country and in Colorado routinely use chemicals that are considered dangerous if the proper safety procedures for their use and storage are not followed. One such chemical is a colorless gas called methyl mercaptan, which, at high levels, will attack the central nervous system and cause death by paralyzing the respiratory system. An incident involving this pesticide ingredient led to four men being fatally injured at work.

OSHA investigates after people are fatally injured at work

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration establishes certain safety standards for nearly every industry around the country and here in Colorado. When people are fatally injured at work, the agency steps in and conducts an investigation to determine whether employers are adhering to OSHA's standards. The agency issues citations and assesses fines when violations are found

OSHA says company not prepared to handle injured workers

Colorado road construction crews often find themselves in remote areas where access to emergency medical services may be limited. Moreover, cell phone coverage could also be nonexistent. This could mean that injured workers must rely on their co-workers for help when an accident occurs.

A woman without proper safety equipment could be injured at work

Women around the country -- including many here in Colorado -- have entered industries traditionally staffed by men. One of those industries is construction. The equipment and clothing provided to them needs to be properly fitted in order to prevent them from being injured at work.

McDonald's workers afraid of being injured at work

Many people in Colorado have heard that fast food workers are attempting to get their wages increased. Recently, McDonald's workers at locations in 19 cities filed complaints with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration that they are concerned about being injured at work. Some believe that the complaints are part of the campaign to win higher wages, but their concerns still could turn out to be valid.

Denver recycling plant cited after man fatally injured at work

Residents living in Denver and its suburbs may be familiar with Atlas Metal & Iron, which recycles unwanted scrap metal and other items brought in by those who live in the area. Last September, a man was fatally injured at work at the recycling plant, which prompted an investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The results of that investigation indicate that the man's death was preventable.

OSHA investigation sparked by man seriously injured at work

Colorado employees working in certain industries are routinely exposed to a risk of amputation, falls and possible explosions. One of those industries is grain handling. If a company fails to take reasonable precautions to ensure no one is injured at work, the probability of an accident occurring is high.

'COPS' not cited by OSHA after employee fatally injured at work

Colorado fans of the reality television show "COPS" already know that a film crew follows law enforcement officers from different parts of the country while they answer real calls. Since officers are dealing with live, unscripted situations, that crew is routinely put in harm's way right along with the officers with whom they ride. One film crew shooting footage last summer suffered a tragedy when a sound technician was fatally injured at work.

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