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Posts tagged "Workers' Compensation"

Are part-time workers covered by workers' compensation?

During the holiday season, hundreds of stores throughout Colorado hire part-time workers. Many of those hired take these jobs to gain some extra cash, with the full understanding that their period of employment will be temporary.

Recorded statements can be a trap for the unwary

In some workers' compensation cases, the insurance company will ask an injured worker to make a recorded statement. When this happens, it can spell trouble for the worker. It indicates that the insurance company may be trying to collect information with the aim of minimizing benefits or denying the claim altogether. At the same time, if you refuse to cooperate or display a truculent attitude, the insurer could cite that as a reason for refusing to pay your claim. What's an injured worker to do?

VIDEO: Was your workers' compensation claim denied? Call Cliff Eley

Although many employees know that they have rights after a workplace accident, many do not realize that they do not have to accept a workers' compensation package that is inadequate for their recovery. In other cases, employees may fear that challenging the initial benefits package offered by their employer's insurance carrier might jeopardize their job security.

Are you sure you're covered by Colorado workers' compensation?

It's true that most workers in Colorado are covered by the workers' compensation system. But that fact comes as no comfort to the significant number of injured workers who do not have worker's compensation insurance. They end up paying some or all of their medical costs from their own pockets.

VIDEO: You have rights after a work injury. Call the Eley Law Firm.

When a worker is injured on the job, workers' compensation benefits are designed to cover the cost of medical care, lost wages and any ongoing occupational or physical therapy needs. Those benefits are provided regardless of whether any party was negligent or at fault.

Deadlines in Colorado workers' compensation

Having just suffered an injury while working, you may be wondering what to do now. Be assured that you have the right to claim workers' compensation benefits. But to get those benefits, you have to be proactive. There are things you have to do and deadlines you have to meet.

Injured at work: What if boss decides to pay medical expenses?

Some Colorado business owners may try to avoid filing workers' compensation claims for fear of having their insurance premiums increased. One of the ways this may be done is for the employer to pay for the medical expenses of an employee who was injured at work. While this practice may be illegal, it could lead to financial consequences never anticipated by the company owner.

Does Colorado workers' compensation cover work-related stress?

Stress is part of the lives of many people nationwide, including those in Colorado. However, if excessive stress follows workplace conditions, the expenses related to the treatment might be compensable by workers' compensation. These are not easy claims to navigate, but with the right help, benefits may be obtained.

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