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Posts tagged "Workplace Injuries"

1 of 3 injured workers succumbs to oil field burn injuries

An incident involving a fire occurred while oil field workers were doing maintenance work on a pipeline in Colorado. Reportedly, three employees suffered injuries during this event, which took place on Nov. 16. Five days later, on Nov. 21, it was reported that one of the three injured workers had succumbed to his injuries.

Construction zone crash might lead to permanent disability

Construction workers on the busy highways nationwide, including in Colorado, face life-threatening hazards whenever they are improving roads to keep others safe. Sadly, it takes only a moment of distraction to cause an accident with devastating consequences, particularly in areas where construction workers move about. One such an accident in a neighboring state recently might have caused a permanent disability to an employee of a construction company.

Family of deceased refinery worker may seek death benefits

Refinery workers in Colorado and other states face multiple hazards in the line of duty. Within the blink of an eye, a deadly situation can develop. One such an incident claimed the life of a worker in a neighboring state on a recent Monday. Such tragedies typically lead to death benefits claims filed with the workers' compensation insurance program.

Permanent disability: Worker's arm ripped off by conveyor system

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, there are four categories of workplace accidents that cause most workplace fatalities, one of which is getting trapped in or between objects or equipment. While many lives are lost in these types of accidents, a survivor may find him or herself with a permanent disability. One such an accident tore off the arm of a Colorado man on a recent Wednesday morning.

Lifting causes many injured workers to file benefits claims

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration says the overexertion workers experience with respect to manual lifting tasks is a cause for concern when it comes to the safety and health of employees nationwide, including in Colorado. Significant numbers of reports by injured workers link their injuries to lifting. OSHA's safety regulations do not include rules for manual lifting, but the agency recommends compliance with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health guidelines that include formulas to help determine weights that will be safe to lift.

Diesel mechanics face many risks of being Injured at work

Diesel mechanics in Colorado and other states face numerous injury hazards on a daily basis. Although it is the duty of their employers to provide safe workplace environments and address known safety hazards, the nature of the work is hazardous. Whenever a mechanic is injured at work, his or her financial stability may be threatened.

Injured workers: OSHA investigates preventable burn incident

Industrial facilities nationwide, including in Colorado, are typically dangerous areas. Regardless of any employee's level of experience, continuous compliance with safety regulations is required. The slightest safety error in the presence of industrial machines and equipment can have severe consequences, and injured workers can be costly for any company, and detrimental to the financial stability of the victims.

A bustling airport is a dangerous environment for ground crew

For those who find US highways to be chaotic and full of activity, imagine life on the ground crew at Denver International Airport (commonly referred to as DIA). Instead of cars and trucks zooming past, the runways have a mix of all manner of vehicles. Gigantic airplanes scorch past, demanding the most attention, but fuel trucks, cargo vehicles and maintenance carts all use the same pathways. There are rules in place for the different equipment but accidents still happen.

For injured workers, access to workers' compensation is not easy

On-the-job accidents can lead to extended time away from work, which can increase the financial burden of an injury by adding lost wages to the mix. Workers' compensation benefits are supposed to help injured workers in Colorado, but a federal report indicates that many victims are not being adequately cared for. Workers who have suffered an injury while at work are actually at a significantly high risk of falling below the poverty line.

Goodwill employee dead after accident, death benefits possible

Most people associate workplace injuries and fatalities with the construction and manufacturing industries, but virtually any Colorado employee in any work environment can be harmed while completing their work duties. A Goodwill employee is a tragic example of just that after he suffered fatal injuries on the job. Although no amount of compensation could ever replace the life of a loved one, his family can likely address the financial-related damages through workers' compensation death benefits.

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