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Denver's 'Blue Mustang' and construction deaths

The rearing Blue Mustang - a 32-foot-high fiberglass sculpture that has guarded Denver International Airport for the last decade - has gained notoriety not just for its glowing neon red eyes and locally-dubbed nickname of "Blucifer." It actually killed its creator Luis Jimenez.

Young people are vulnerable to work injuries

Summer is here, and thousands of Colorado teens are earning some extra cash as part-time workers. Most of them aren't planning to stay in those jobs for very long. Instead, many are looking ahead to college or military service. Others aren't sure what the future has in store for them. What none of them are expecting is getting injured while working. But a significant number of teenagers working in summer jobs do get injured - and some even get killed.

VIDEO: Was your workers' compensation claim denied? Call Cliff Eley

Although many employees know that they have rights after a workplace accident, many do not realize that they do not have to accept a workers' compensation package that is inadequate for their recovery. In other cases, employees may fear that challenging the initial benefits package offered by their employer's insurance carrier might jeopardize their job security.

Will Trump deregulate workplace safety rules?

Donald Trump ran an unprecedented and unpredictable campaign, which is carrying into the early days of his administration. With campaign promises to ease the burden on businesses while decreasing regulations, it's fair to assume that OSHA will be affected by the incoming president.

Lack of training can lead to major machinery accidents

Manufacturing is a dangerous industry to work in. Accidents will happen in the workplace no matter what, but a lack of training can make an incident much worse. Workers who operate machinery on a daily basis know how important training can be. An improperly trained worker not only puts himself in danger but the people around him. For example if someone does not know how to drive a forklift then they could endanger everyone around them by accidentally dropping heavy crates or tipping the machine.

Never do these six things after an accident at work

It's easy to get into a daily routine at work. You come in at the same time every day and morning rituals lead you through the workday quickly. When an accident suddenly happens in the middle of your routine it can be especially jarring. After being suddenly shaken from your routine you might not know the right things to do or say. It is important to be careful about your actions after an injury because you could be putting yourself at risk for paying medical bills yourself and losing a workers' compensation claim. Just make sure to never do the following after an accident at work:

Discover more about the causes, consequences of back injuries

In keeping with our firm's commitment to helping you better understand workers' compensation and work-related trauma, we recently published an informative Slide Share presentation examining a very common -- and often debilitating -- type of workplace injury.

The health care industry: Less safe than construction work?

The health care industry is designed to help people deal with medical issues and work toward recovery or becoming comfortable. With this in mind, it's probably strange to think about health care workers suffering their own health issues in the process of tending to others. The reality, however, is that this problem is more common than some might realize.

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