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Posts tagged "back & neck injuries"

OSHA campaign hopes to reduce construction site fall deaths

Did you know that construction workers can suffer serious injuries, such as a back injury or neck injury, if they fall from just six feet above a lower level? The distance may not seem that great, but even so a fall, whether from scaffolding or a tall ladder, a serious injury can have many implications for the worker.

Better, stronger, faster... could bionic limbs be reality?

Colorado residents, the future may be upon us! A team of engineers have created what is now being referred to as the first "bionic man". The "bionic man" is actually a robot that engineers have been working on, using parts from over a dozen manufacturers. This type of technology has many implications, especially on aesthetic prostheses work. Whether an accident victim loses an arm, a leg, or even suffers a spinal cord injury, robotics technology could help that individual regain some functionality.

New study results could predict development of chronic back pain

It can be difficult knowing whether a back injury will heal itself quickly or lead to chronic back pain. But for a worker, a back injury that lingers can significantly impact their ability to do their job. But now, researchers believe there may be a way to identify chronic back pain early on.

A back injury may be the cause of other body aches and pain

It may start as a simple headache. You get home from a long day at work and your head begins to hurt, followed by some leg pain. You're not sure why your legs are hurting so you take some medicine. Over the next week your legs continue to hurt and you start to struggle with mobility. The pain actually becomes so bad that going to work each day is a struggle, and getting your work done is nearly impossible.

Employees' back pain could be relieved by stem cell injections

After a long day at work, many people from Greeley may find themselves with a sore back, but the back ache will typically go away after a night's sleep. For some people, however, their back pain will never go away. Whether it was from a workplace accident or the result of repetitive motions, chronic lower back pain is a serious problem in Colorado and can lead to an employee filing for workers' compensation.

Chronic neck pain often requires medical attention, rest

Nearly everyone in Aurora has woken up with a crick in his or her neck, but after some time, the neck pain subsides and he or she is able to resume normal activities. While this is just one variety of neck pain, there are many people living in the greater Denver area that live with neck pain on a daily basis, many of whom were injured by work activities. For people living with chronic neck pain, a few hours rest won't be enough to relieve the pain.

Contractor injured by 50-foot fall sustained severe back injuries

Colorado has many structures still standing that were built a long time ago. Many of these structures are owned by the state or local governments, but these buildings and structures often need to be repaired. When the county or state brings in contractors and construction workers to clean these historical buildings, it is important that the buildings have been checked for any safety issues. When they are not, an employee could be seriously, if not fatally, injured.

Work-related neck pain may be reduced by yoga

Nearly everyone in the Denver area has experienced neck pain before; in fact, one study suggests that two-thirds of all people will have neck pain at some point in their lives. For some people in Colorado, that pain may come from a work-related injury, but many others may just develop neck pain because of the everyday, repeated actions they perform at work.

Bridge worker sustained possible neck injuries after 30-foot fall

Colorado employees should be able to have an expectation of safety in the workplace, ending each work day by being able to go home uninjured. Yet accidents do occur on the job, and are sometimes the result of employers not taking proper measures to ensure employee safety. When workplace accidents do occur in the Colorado, this should be an indication that more safety measures need to be put into place to provide further protection for workers on the job.

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