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Workers' compensation for workers who develop illness on-the-job

Imagine finding out that you have developed cancer or leukemia. When you try to figure out how you contracted the illness, you come to the conclusion that something at your work increased your risk of developing the medical condition. Now you have expenses for treatments and medications that are only growing because of your inability to return to work. What can you do?

Colorado road workers injured more severely from work accidents

One county in Colorado recently learned what types of workers' compensation claims were more prevalent in their area. The statistics looked at how many settlements were paid on claims made by workers for injuries sustained on-the-job.

Workers' Compensation for Older Federal Employees Being Targeted

Workplace safety is an important component of any job. This is true whether someone is employed by a private company or the federal government. Despite adequate safety precautions, work-related injures still may occur. Employees should have the peace of mind to know that if they are injured while performing the duties of their job they will receive necessary financial assistance.

Should Illegal Immigrants Be Denied Workers' Compensation?

As we've said in prior posts, the federal government values workplace safety. This is evidenced by the establishment of OSHA to ensure that employers are following federal safety standards. Even so, some workplace accidents still occur.

A Brief Look Back at 2010: Work-Related Injuries

Workers who sustain work-related injuries have a right to workers' compensation. Workers' compensation claims can be very complicated; dealing with insurance companies is a challenge. Another thing injured workers must consider is how quickly they can return to work after an injury.

Workers' Compensation Not Always an Option for Domestic Workers

Typically when a worker is injured on the job, they will amass hospital bills and lose wages during their recovery time. For many, they can get workers' compensation that can help alleviate some of that financial strain.

Settlement to Help 9/11 Responders Exposed to Toxic Substances

For Americans, 9/11 is a day that will always be remembered. Two planes crashed into the World Trade Center, killing thousands of people in the buildings, passengers on the planes, and emergency responders at the scene. Both buildings were destroyed.

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