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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: considering treatment options?

When it comes to repetitive stress injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome might be one of the more well-known types of injuries. Often, this injury is associated with repetitive typing, and the position of the hands and wrists on a computer keyboard over an extended period of time.

Simple steps may reduce risk of carpal tunnel syndrome

Although many people in Denver may assume that an office job is the safest place to work, there are still many people every year who have to take time off of work, seek medical attention and, in some cases, may have to stop working entirely because of a repetitive stress condition that is affecting more and more people: carpal tunnel syndrome. As more positions become computer-heavy and require long hours of typing, it is only natural that more people will start to suffer pain, weakness or numbness in their hands and wrists. There are, however, some relatively simple steps to reducing the risk of the condition.

The basics on carpal tunnel syndrome and its symptoms

An increasing number of people Colorado Springs are working in an office and in front of a computer. Though the jobs may be physically less demanding, new repetitive stress injuries are emerging from the activities office workers do perform: typing. Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of occupational disease and, without treatment, could make it very difficult to continue working, making an employee eligible for workers' compensation.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is preventable at most job sites

Although many employers try to ensure that workplaces are safe for all employees, accidents and injuries do occur and can cause severe pain and suffering for workers. Stress injuries are some of the most common in the workplace, with carpal tunnel syndrome plaguing a large percentage of workers that constantly use computer keyboards or do repetitive hand tasks in their jobs.

Railroad employee develops carpal tunnel syndrome from work

What would you do if you went to work every day thinking that your job was safe, only to find out that it was actually causing a long-lasting and potentially debilitating medical condition? For many in Colorado, their first thought would be to determine what the treatments are and how long he or she would have to spend away from work recovering. The Colorado workers' compensation program can help cover some of those costs and the amount of wages lost during a recovery period.

Employers need ergonomic workstations to avoid carpal tunnel

You get to work and start typing. Eight hours later you leave your Denver office and have spent most of your day in front of a computer. When you get home you start to notice that your hands and fingers are numb or tingling. After some time, you go to your doctor and are diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, a common occupational disease that many Colorado employees are starting to develop.

Carpal tunnel, occupational disease lessened by better ergonomics

Many people in Denver who work in an office have felt the effects of sitting in front of a computer screen all day long. Whether it is eye strain, a stiff neck or severe pain in the wrists, carpal tunnel syndrome and occupational disease affect many Coloradoans whose work environments are not ergonomically correct.

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